HVAC Troubleshooting
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  1. I would like simple, foolproof installation instructions for WIFI thermostats. Also includes advanced features, trouble shooting & helpful tips.
  2. I would like to set up remote access for a contractor
  3. Homeowner would like to see the energy use of their heating & air conditioning system daily, weekly and monthly so they can manage their bill.
  4. Upstairs too hot in summer & too hot in winter while downstairs is okay.
  5. One room is always too hot or cold while the rest of the house is okay.
  6. I would like to put in a new programmable thermostat but I don't have enough wires.
  7. How to make your wall furnace, floor furnace, electric baseboard heater, boiler or gas fireplace compatible with your Venstar thermostat.
  8. Would like to keep the new baby's room or any room at a perfect temperature all the time.
  9. The homeowner wants to have their 2nd home at a perfect temperature when they arrive but don't want to waste energy cooling & heating the place when they are not there.
  10. The homeowner would like to have free cooling for their house and reduce their air conditioning bill by 20 to 30%.
  11. The homeowner would like to change temperatures at their house with a smart Phone.
  12. Customer would like an alert from my house if the temp inside gets below freezing or above a certain temperature.
  13. I would like to be notified when my customers air conditioning equipment is running inefficiently and/or is about to fail.
  14. Customer would like to have a different temperature in every room.
  15. I have a school district that would like to cut the cost of operating their HVAC systems by 50%.
  16. I would like to use a wifi thermostat or any standard thermostat with a Trane package unit but it requires a very expensive electronic board to connect their rooftop unit to a standard thermostat.
  17. I would like to be able to show my customers how much they can save by going to high efficiency equipment and or switching form electric heat to heat pump and or comparing heat pump to gas heating.
  18. What you can do over the wifi with your smart phone or your computer.