HVAC Troubleshooting
I have a school district that would like to cut the cost of operating their HVAC systems by 50%.

The cost of operating an hvac system with conventional thermostats can usually be cut in half using Venstar's school stat Model #T2900SCH. This thermostat was designed specifically for schools with input from the schools maintenance groups on how teachers operate their cooling and heating systems.

The way it works is that the heating & cooling do not come on in occupied settings until a button is pushed on the thermostat then after a preset amount of time (settable by school maintenance personal when the thermostat is set up) the unit goes in to unoccupied settings. This insures that when school is not in session, weekends, nights, holidays & summer vacations the HVAC is not running. If a school teacher is staying after hours the hvac can be run in 30 minute increments but no longer so that it's not possible for the HVAC system to run all night long or on weekends if no one is there.

The thermostats have security levels which allow the teacher to set the temperatures to any temperature they want or set point limiting can be enabled so the school can decide how low the temp can be set for cooling and how high the temp can be set for heating. The school stat is by far the most cost effective way to cut schools HVAC operating cost while giving the students and the teachers the most comfort and flexibility. The only solution that works better but at an increased cost is putting WIFI stats in each class room or a full blown energy management system.

thermostat sensor
SchoolStat Speciality Series (Commercial) #T2900SCH
SchoolStat Speciality Series (Commercial) #T2900SCH
  • Features energy saving operation
  • Programmable override
  • Unoccupied until button press
  • Setpoint limiting security
  • Separate weekend/weekday programs
  • Morning warm-up period
  • Soft start capability
  • One for all works with virtually all equipment
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Keypad lockout
  • 3 security levels
  • Remote sensor ready
  • 48 hour clock backup and economizer operation
  • Works with EZ Programmer ACC0432