HVAC Troubleshooting
The homeowner would like to change temperatures at their house with a smart Phone.
wifi thermostat

There is the perfect wifi thermostat to enable you and your customer to change the temps etc. from your i-phone, i-pad, smart phone or computer it is the color touch model T5800 which gives you all kinds of ability and in fact received Consumer reports highest rating of 96 out of 100 for thermostats.

You and/or the home owner can change the room temp to any temp wanted from any place in the world with your smart phone or a computer. You can set it up to send you and or your customer an e-mail if the temperature in the house gets below or above any temp you set. You can look at any time to see what the weather forecast is for your house for the next 3 days what the high and low temperatures were for outside and inside your house and you can even trouble shoot the HVAC system to make sure everything is working correctly

The thermostat will also send by e-mail and on your i-phone and/or compute, service alerts when it is time to change filters, or have the unit serviced and messages can be sent to the thermostat from you or your customers smart phone such as "I am going to be late for dinner". Finally you can look at how much energy you have used last week vs. this week or month over month and even compare the last 3 months energy use.