HVAC Troubleshooting
Symptom: One room is always too hot or cold while the rest of the house is o.k.

To solve this problem use any ordinary 24 volt thermostat, we recommend a Venstar model number T0130 with an extra-zone accessories model number ACC0450 that allows you to add a zone control/room control to any hvac system. What the add a zone does is look at the temperature of the air in the duct and if you have hot air in the duct (the house HVAC system is calling for heating) and you need heat in the room the device opens up the damper and allows warm air to enter the room. When the room is warm enough and the thermostat is satisfied it closes the damper keeping the room at the desired temp. The reverse is true when you need cooling if there is cold air in the duct and the room needs cooling it opens the damper until the thermostat is satisfied. If you are not able to get enough air into the room to cool or heat the room before the whole house is satisfied and the system turns off just add a booster fan in the ductwork that is turned off and on by the extra zone device. This system requires a 24 volt thermostat, a 24 volt transformer and a zone first damper. Also a booster fan and a 24 volt relay if you are going to boost the air flow.

T0130 thermostat
Model #T0130

Model #T0130
  • Battery or system powered
  • 1-Heat/1-Cool
  • Non-programmable
  • For use with gas/electrics, heat pumps, electric & hydronic heat
  • Extremely simple to operate and features a large, easy to read digital display
  • Compatible with 2, 3 or 4 wire systems
  • It's sleek styling and white color blend beautifully into any decor
  • RC and RH terminals

Model #ACC0450

Extra-Zone™ Model #ACC0450
  • Use Extra-Zone™ for an Over or Under Conditioned Area
  • Controls up to four standard dampers
  • Digital Temperature Sensor included
  • Quick & Easy to install